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10 Best Bass Techno Songs 2012

top 10 best techno

In this time, I want to tell you about 10 Best Bass Techno Songs 2012. Here they are, the 10 Best Techno Bass Songs.

The results range from fast jungle beats to slinky bass lines and encapsulate all that the best techno bass world has to offer. This genre of Bass Techno Music made such an impact on society that Harvard now has an electronic music course which studies some of the following groups. The only downside to hearing these great songs is that they eventually end.

And this is the TOP TEN Bass Techno Songs:

1. "Groove is in the Heart" by Deee-Lite. A dance party favorite with one of the best bass lines ever. This is Deee-Lite's biggest hit and it's not hard to hear why. The repetitive bass is addictive to listen to.

2. "Around the World" by Daft Punk. French group Daft Punk released this song in 1997 on their album Homework. The bass line is fast and begs for dancing feet. This song hit number one in the dance charts.

3. "Push Upstairs" by Underworld. Off of Beacoup Fish, this song starts with driving bass and keeps building bigger and bigger. The vocals match the intensity of the music creating a mini pressure cooker.

4. "Girl / Boy Song" by Aphex Twin. This song combines classical string instruments with electronic jungle bass beats. The duo makes for an intense and emotional listening experience.

5. "Feeling So Real" by Moby. From 1994 the mix of jungle beats and perfectly placed samples make this a classic. Moby knows how to string a bass line together to keep your interest peaked. The sound resembles taffy pulling.

6. "Electronic Behavior Control System" by EBN. This song starts off slowly and explodes with a mix of silly samples and amazing bass. It is impossible to stand still and listen to this song.

7. "Risingson" by Massive Attack. Sleek is a great word for this song. The bass line flows like water drawing you into the song. The simple repetitive beat produces a trance-like state.

8. "Saturate" by The Chemical Brothers. This song is a wild ride. The bass changes frequently keeping things interesting. It goes in and out of phases with minimalist techno beats and real drums. It feels like a dream.

9. "Toxygene" by The Orb. With bass that builds after the sound of an oncoming train, this song grabs you with vigor. Bouncing bell sounds combined with the deep background bass combine for a sensational tune.

10. "Phoenix" by Daft Punk. The way this song builds it's layers is truly brilliant. Starting with a simple bass line and adding notes between the spaces, this song is a model for the best techno bass sound.

That is the 10 Best Bass Techno Songs 2012. If you want to watch the video of this songs, please visit Youtube or Click link on that Songs. Please Stay and Enjoy it .....

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